Mission & Venue History

Our Vision

We continue to be Maitland’s premier events center. Possibly the only remaining community center of its kind in the nation. Since 1965, Venue on Lake Lily (originally incorporated as Maitland Civic Center) has been a Maitland residents grown and supported nonprofit organization with a mission to provide a place where our community can gather and enjoy public, private and secular events, conveniently located in the heart of Central Florida. All funds from venue rentals go to administer and maintain this storied place, where memories are made.

With a rich history of community engagement, the Venue on Lake Lily is where neighbors come to celebrate, learn, socialize, and, more importantly, make lasting memories. We provide facilities for civic, religious, literary, charitable, educational, social and recreational interests of Maitland residents and businesses.

Founded and funded by residents of our community, we are a non-government-owned/supported non-profit that has thrived for decades. As with all places that enjoy rare tenure, The Venue is continuing its journey as a vital member of the community by exploring ways to serve its mission to serve our community.

“The Venue on Lake Lily continues to evolve and become increasingly important as a place where memories are made.” — Renee Charlan

Current Officers:


Executive Director:
Les Callahan