Five Questions You Should Ask a Venue

1. Is the date for the event available?
This should be your first question. If the date is available, ask if there will be any other events that would be happening near or around your event at that venue? With multiple events happening at the same time, things could get confusing and complicated.

2. Are there any additional charges such as service charges, gratuity, cleaning fees, parking or overtime fees?
Some venues resist divulging their fees, so it’s important to ask and get all fees disclosed up-front. Negotiation is on the table for some venues; however, other places may not negotiate, so in that case, ask to see all the costs in writing with the grand total before signing your contract.

3. Is the venue full service?
Full service is when a venue offers catering, tables, chairs, linen, and sometimes extras services, like D.J.’s and beverage service. A full service venue saves you time and possibly money. Whether full service or not, all venues will know good vendors to recommend.

4. What if there is bad weather?
Weather is very unpredictable. Many ceremonies and cocktail hours are hosted outside. Some venues will sell you an outdoor space without requiring an alternative indoor space, so if it rains, your event is in essence over. Having a space for your guests to escape the weather is always a good idea.

5. What’s the cancellation policy?
Before you sign anything, know the venues cancellation policy. While some places will offer a refund depending upon the length of time before your event, others will offer none. This is good to know in case of a change in plans or emergency. Be certain that this is definitely the place you want for your event, because you will rarely get a full refund.

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